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Safeguard health data with us. Use our solutions to create HIPAA-compliant AI models and enhance patient care.


Respect research ethics. Develop AI models with us that adhere to HHS and GINA guidelines for human subject and genetic data protection.

Finance & Fintech

GLBA-compliant financial data handling. Decode markets with AI, keeping sensitive customer info secure.


Protect client confidentiality. Onboard AI models swiftly and in line with ABA's data management guidelines.


Guard insurance claimsdata. Create NAIC-compliant AI models to streamline claims and uphold privacy.

Ed Tech

Secure student data. Develop FERPA-compliant AI models for personalized learning experiences.

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Praise from our early customers

In the healthcare sector, data privacy is paramount. With, we've found a balance between using advanced AI and maintaining data security. Its HIPAA-compliant features have made it a valuable addition to our operations.
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Mara Nikolic

Founder,  Mara99 has helped us unlock new insights from our customer data without compromising on privacy. It's like having a data scientist and a security officer all in one tool.
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Danaisa Urgelles

Medical Doctor, BHField

In our business, data is vital but privacy is king.'s unique focus on privacy has given us peace of mind, and its AI capabilities have truly transformed how we operate.
Client headshot
Kam Malik

Managing Director, LeadSense

Our sector may seem traditional, but we've seen substantial improvements since integrating into our workflow. The secure AI insights have led to more efficient processes and increased output.
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Kate Bagoy

Principal Product Designer

Regulations have always made it challenging to incorporate AI into our services. changes that. It's allowed us to leverage AI while adhering to industry regulations and maintaining client trust.
As a legal firm dealing with sensitive client data, provides the perfect solution. Its impressive privacy features ensure our client data remains confidential, and its AI capabilities are a significant boost to our productivity.
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Vincent Arrouet

Co-founder,  Sunology

Implementing was one of our best decisions this year. It's helping us gain deeper insights into our customer behavior while keeping their data safe. This is a must-have tool for any business serious about data.
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Co-Founder,  Evvvolution has allowed us to provide personalized learning experiences to our users while ensuring their data stays private. We've seen significant growth in user engagement since its implementation.
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Harbik Davidyan

Founder,  Webk Agency is for those that want to start now, not later.
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